Shelley Davidow Interview

2 May, 2016 by

Shelley Davidow Interview

In 1913, a young man, Jacob, leaves his remote village in Lithuania, fleeing the pograms that are destroying his home, his family, and friends. He travels to America, as so many have, and finds a new life there.

At the other end of the Century, his great-granddaughter, Shelley, a child of South-Africa, makes her own trip to America.

What do we take from those that came before us? What invisible desires, and what invisible scars does the past weave into our lives? How do we find a place to call home?

Shelley Davidow has written 39 books, mostly for children and young adults, and in her latest work, Whisperings in the Blood, she explores her own family’s history, and the question of what gets passed down.

Shelley spoke to Sky Kirkham about South Africa, her grandmother, and exploring your own history. Originally broadcast 31/03/2016. Whisperings in the Blood is out through UQP.


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