Jennifer Rayner Interview

2 May, 2016 by

Jennifer Rayner Interview

Are Generation Y lazy? Are we special flowers, built up to expect too much from parents and a system that awards us for just showing up?

Or are boomers clinging to status and wealth – purposefully locking out the younger generation from their place on the ladder of success?

It’s hard to log on to your news site of choice these days without seeing those arguments bounce back and forth in a battle of think-pieces. But when you take the emotion away, and look at the underlying statistics, what’s actually going on? And whatever happened to Gen X, anyway?

In the latest Redback Quarterly, Jennifer Rayner takes a look at the policies and shifting work cultures that are holding us all back. It’s called Generation Less – How Australia is Cheating The Young.

Jennifer joined Sky Kirkham to discuss superannuation, house prices, and a possible way forward. Originally broadcast 14/04/2016. Generation Less is out via Redback Quarterly.


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