Andrew O’Hagan Interview

2 May, 2016 by

Andrew O’Hagan Interview

What we do, what we remember, can define who we are. In a retirement home in the UK, Anne is slowly losing her memory, and the story of her younger life is largely unknown by her family. In Afghanistan, her grandson Luke struggles with the fatigue of combat and questionable missions, and, eventually, the results of his own actions.

Andrew O’Hagan is a contributing editor to the London Review of Books and his previous novels have been shortlisted for the Booker, the Whitbread, and the Dublin IMPAC. In his latest novel, The Illuminations, Andrew examines the nature of memory and the way we define our own lives. And it handles those high-minded and fraught topics with the deftest of personal touches.

Andrew O’Hagan spoke with Sky Kirkham about family, photography, and the importance and difficulty of writing about conflict. Originally broadcast on 28/04/2016. The Illuminations is out through Allen & Unwin.


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