Mette Jakobsen Interview

10 May, 2016 by

Mette Jakobsen Interview

No parent should experience the loss of a child. And yet, life isn’t always that kind. But if the worst happens, when that loss occurs… how do you manage it? How do you even accept it?

David and Vera live an idyllic life in the Blue Mountains; a life of love and art, of quiet success and satisfaction in each other. But it’s all falling apart after the death of their son, to a suicide neither feels capable of understanding, and David is aching for answers. He sees Ben in the passing of strangers, and moves back to Sydney to find his son, or at least rebuild his own life.

What The Light Hides is the second novel by Mette Jakobsen, a playwright and author, and it’s the follow up to The Vanishing Act.

Mette spoke to Sky Kirkham about grief, magical realism, and rediscovering her own suburb. Originally broadcast 05/05/2016. What The Light Hides is out through Text.


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