Toni Jordan Interview

10 May, 2016 by

Toni Jordan Interview

In a stylishly decorated house, in the semi-rural remove of Melbourne’s outskirts, chaos is about to unfold. Because Caroline has just found out that her husband, Henry, has been having an affair, and he isn’t planning on sticking around.

Their youngest daughter has gone silent, the highly strung neighbours just won’t leave, and the new woman in Henry’s life just wants to be friends. Through it all, Caroline’s sister Janice is trying to hold all the pieces together, but when her own ex shows up, it’s hard to stay above the fray.

In the tradition of the great British farces, Toni Jordan’s latest novel, Our Tiny Useless Hearts, picks apart the threads of love and presents a funny and irreverent critique of modern life.

Toni sat down with Sky Kirkham to talk comedy, dialogue, and keeping your characters likeable. Originally broadcast 05/05/2016. Our Tiny, Useless Hearts is out through Text Publishing.


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