Clare Press Interview

18 May, 2016 by

Clare Press Interview

What do you know about the clothes you’re wearing? Where were they made? What are they made from? Grab the nearest tag and have a look, I’ll wait.

The rise and rise of fast fashion has changed the way that many of us view clothing. After all, when a shirt, a skirt, a jumper, is 15 or 20 dollars, it becomes an easy impulse buy. An easy way to update your wardrobe and to feel good. But it also makes it easy to replace. After all, when a top is that cheap, why would your repair it, when you could just buy another one?

But can we then still consume ethically? What responsibility should the industry itself take? And how did we even get here?

Clare Press has been a fashion designer, brand consultant, and columnist, and these days she’s the Editor at large for Marie Claire. In her new book – Wardrobe Crisis: How we went from Sunday best to fast fashion, she pulls apart her own wardrobe, and takes a look behind the curtain at the business she loves.

Clare joined Sky Kirkham to talk about fashion labels, seasonal catalogues, and the complexities of supply chains. Originally broadcast 12/05/2016. Wardrobe Crisis is out via Nero.


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