Ali Shaw Interview

20 May, 2016 by

Ali Shaw Interview

You wake up to rumbling, and your house is gone, ruined, destroyed. Your neighbourhood is gone. Your city is gone. And in their place: trees. Giant, full-grown trees. From the common to the long-deceased. And up in the branches, something is whispering. Something is watching.

The Trees, by Ali Shaw, takes the idea of the post-apocalyptic novel and subverts it. Instead of mankind destroying the world, nature itself takes over. But the questions of human nature remains. What happens when everything that holds us all together, falls apart?

This is the third novel by Ali, his first, The Girl With Glass Feet, won the Desmond Elliot Prize, and was shortlisted for the Costa First Book Award.

Ali Shaw spoke to Sky Kirkham about drawing, his own relationship with nature, and the adaptability of children. Originally broadcast 19/05/2016. The Trees is out through Bloomsbury.


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