Cory Taylor Interview

20 May, 2016 by

Cory Taylor Interview

Advances in medicine and in health care mean that most of us are living longer, but have they also meant that we are dying longer? What rights should someone with a terminal illness have to choose the timing and manner of their own passing?

It’s a vexed political question in Australia and, while there are strong proponents of the right to assisted dying, the few attempts to legalise the option (like the Northern Territory did in 1995) have been quickly shut down Federally.

But what does that mean for those who are ill? What impact do the laws have, at a personal level?

Cory Taylor is an award winning novelist. She wrote the incredible Me and Mr Booker, and My Beautiful Enemy. She also has a melanoma-related brain cancer, which is no longer treatable. Dying is a silent topic, an awkward topic, for most of us, but Cory has written about her own experience in a new book – Dying: A Memoir

Cory joined Sky Kirkham to speak about her life, her own experience with death, and the importance of ending our silence. Originally broadcast 19/05/2016. Dying: A Memoir is out through Text Publishing.


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