Peter Frankopan Interview

7 Jun, 2016 by

Peter Frankopan Interview

When you think of the Silk Road, there’s a good chance that it conjures up images of exotic locations out of history. Stories of Marco Polo and the great Western explorers making their way into the unknown East.

But the Silk Road was never just one road, it was a series of shifting trade routes connecting some of the greatest civilisation in history. It has led to the birth of empires, the foundation of religions, and even now, in a very different form, it continues to shape the world.

The new book by Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, tells of the influence of a region that tends to be overlooked in the West and asks us to re-examine not only our past, but our future. Peter is a Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford and the Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research.

Peter told Sky Kirkham about currency, religion, naming rights, and the important cultural influence of the Mongols. Originally broadcast 02/06/2016. The Silk Roads is out through Bloomsbury.


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