Jennifer Ackerman Interview

15 Jun, 2016 by

Jennifer Ackerman Interview

Birds have, historically, not gotten a very good wrap from humans. They might be cute, their songs might be pretty, but they’re not very bright… after all, their brains are so tiny anything they do must basically come from instinct, right?

Anyone who has seen a video of a crow solving a puzzle will know that there’s a lot more going on than we led ourselves to believe. And it turns out that problem solving is just the beginning.

Jennifer Ackerman has been writing about science for twenty-five years. She’s investigated the human body and the common cold; written for National Geographic, The New York Times and Scientific America. And now in The Genius of Birds she’s out to show us the remarkable wits of our pea-brained feathered friends.

Jennifer joined Sky Kirkham to talk puzzles, pigeons, and the sleep cycle of birds. Originally broadcast 09/06/16. The Genius of Birds is out through Scribe.


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