Chris Turney Interview

7 Sep, 2012 by

Chris Turney Interview

Chris Turney is a British-Australian scientist who has published several books on science and climate change. His new book,¬†1912: The Year the World Discovered Antarctica,¬†delves into the history of Antarctic scientific research and exploration. One hundred years ago, five different expeditions from teams around the globe headed to Antarctica in hopes of reaching the South Pole for the first time, mapping unknown territory and making a contribution to science. On the centenary of these historic expeditions, Chris Turney’s book highlights the dramatic stories of these scientists and adventurers.

Grace chatted with Chris about the many expeditions, the struggles they encountered and punching penguins in the face for fun and profit. Originally broadcast on The Book Club on 30/08/2012. 1912 is out now through Text.


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