Interview with Richard Holloway

14 Sep, 2012 by

Interview with Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway is the former Bishop of Edinburgh, a member of the Episcopalian Church. In 2000 he resigned, having lost heart with the church over its condemnation of homosexuality, after long fights over the rights of women and support for other progressive causes. He’s continued to fight for these progressive causes after leaving the church: he is, for example, the patron of LGBT Youth Scotland, and he has written extensively for the likes of the Times and the Guardian as well as over twenty books exploring the relationship between ethics, sexuality, human nature, and religion. His latest work is Leaving Alexandria, a memoir looking at his own life and his struggles with faith, belief and doubt.

Sky spoke to Richard Holloway about Leaving Alexandria, coming of age in a monastery, the value of storytelling and literature, and humanity’s capacity for empathy and tolerance. Leaving Alexandria is out through Text. Originally broadcast 13 September 2012.


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