Interview with David Vann

14 Sep, 2012 by

Interview with David Vann

David Vann is an internationally bestselling author. His previous works Legend of a Suicide, Caribou Island, A Mile Down and Last Day on Earth have appeared on numerous book of the year lists and have won fourteen prizes, and been shortlisted and longlisted for even more. His new book, Dirt, is an uncomfortable novel looking at a painfully dysfunctional protagonist and his broken family. Despite that, it’s an incredibly compelling read and you’ll be drawn in until the very last page.

Sky speaks to David Vann about the way the author draws inspiration from his own difficult upbringing, his stream-of-consciousness writing method, the selfishness inherent in the New Age movement, and the impact of domestic violence and brutality. This interview includes David reading an excerpt from the novel. Dirt is out now through Text Publishing. Originally broadcast 13 September 2012.


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