John Lanchester Interview

21 Sep, 2012 by

John Lanchester Interview

John Lanchester has written across a vast variety of topics and genres. From novels to journalism, memoirs to food criticism. His last work Whoops! Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay is a great breakdown of the recent financial crisis, explaining the more complex elements for the lay-person. It was actually written though as an offshoot off his latest novel Capital, his first in ten years. Capital is both sprawling and tightly focused. It looks at a particular street, Pepys St, and from that street explores London and its inhabitants against the backdrop of the boom and then sharp decline of the GFC.

John joins Sky in the Book Club studios to talk about the many meanings of capital, the different aspects of community and the importance of characters. Originally broadcast on 20/09/2012. Capital is out now through Allen & Unwin.


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