Sergio de la Pava Interview

17 Jan, 2013 by

Sergio de la Pava Interview

Sergio de la Pava’s first novel, A Naked Singularity, was self published in 2008 to little notice. A seven hundred page epic about a young lawyer in New York City who struggles with the unfairness of the criminal justice system and finds his own world view turning upside down as he contemplates committing a crime himself, it is funny, clever, powerfully moving, and far too bizarre for conventional publishers to take a chance on. Over the next few years, though, word of mouth grew until the novel had a small but passionate cult following. Eventually, University of Chicago Press took notice and reissued the novel early in 2012.

We finally got our hands on a copy, and we’re glad to say it lives up to the hype – Sky and Grace both listed A Naked Singularity among of their favourite releases of 2012. In this interview, Grace chats to Sergio about the novel’s unusual path to publication, television, blending fiction with politics, and boxing.

Originally broadcast on 27 December 2012. A Naked Singularity is out now through University of Chicago Press.


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