Nicolas Rothwell Interview

24 Feb, 2013 by

Nicolas Rothwell Interview

Growing up, Nicolas Rothwell attended school throughout Europe, before studying at Magdelan College at Oxford. He worked as a foreign correspondent through the 1980s and the early 90s, reporting from the Americas, Western and Eastern Europe, before settling in the Northern Territory in the 90s, where he continued to write for The Australian, winning a Walkley in 2006 for his coverage of Indigenous Affairs. All of these experiences weigh heavily on Belomor, Rothwell’s sixth book, a mixture of memoir and history lesson, couched as lyrical fiction and composed of four stories with interlinked themes: of place, of art, of straining for transcendence.

Nicolas joined Sky to talk about the nature of story-telling, historical figures and journalism. Originally broadcast on 21/02/2013. Belomor is out through Text Publishing.


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