Hannah Kent Interview

23 Jun, 2013 by

Hannah Kent Interview

Hannah Kent seems to relish ambitious tasks. Co-founder and deputy editor of  the literary journal Kill Your Darlings, she has now crafted a startling debut novel – based on a true history, set centuries ago in a foreign country. Burial Rites is fiction, but based on the real-life account of the last person executed in Iceland, Agnes Magnusdottir. In 1828, Agnes was found guilty of the murders of Natan Ketilsson and Petur Jonsson, and in 1830 was executed along with co-accused. Hannah Kent has taken the limited records and one-sided tales available and crafted a nuanced look into the person behind the crime and the culture around her.

Hannah joined Sky Kirkham to talk about research, landscape, culture and isolation. Originally broadcast on 20/05/2013. Burial Rites is out through Pan Macmillan.


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