Janna Levin Interview

7 Jun, 2016 by

Just over a century ago, Einstein produced his general theory of relativity and predicted ripples in the fabric of...

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Christine Kenneally Interview

9 Mar, 2016 by

How much do you know about the generations that came before you? That combined to create you? You probably know your parents, and...

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Jo Marchant Interview

18 Feb, 2016 by

The use of a placebo is a standard part of medical trials these days. One group receives the drug or treatment being tested, and the...

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Tim Flannery Interview

2 Nov, 2015 by

The shift away from fossil fuels has begun. It may be somewhat chaotic – accompanied by cries of rage from entrenched interests, and...

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Jim Al-Khalili Interview

26 Jun, 2014 by

When you think of science, of its foundation and progress throughout history – what names come to mind? Aristotle? Ptolemy? Maybe...

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Marcus Chown Interview

12 Mar, 2014 by

It’s a big and complex universe out there, and the basic principles that make the world go round can seem a little daunting. Spooky...

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