Jennifer Ackerman Interview

15 Jun, 2016 by

Birds have, historically, not gotten a very good wrap from humans. They might be cute, their songs might be pretty, but they’re not...

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Etgar Keret Interview

2 May, 2016 by

How much does your world change when the shape of your family shifts? What about your view of the world? The Seven Good Years, the new...

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Martin McKenzie-Murray Interview

9 Feb, 2016 by

In 2004, Rebecca Ryle was murdered, her body left on the grounds of a primary school in the outer suburbs of Perth. The details of the...

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Chigozie Obioma Interview

15 Sep, 2015 by

When Benjamin’s father is transferred by his work to the city of Yola, his commanding presence in the house fades and the discipline...

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Nadia Dalbuono Interview

5 Nov, 2014 by

Crime readers are well acquainted with the dark back alleys of London and Scotland, the mean streets of New York, and the glittering...

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David Finkel Interview

24 Sep, 2014 by

Over the course of the Iraq war, and the subsequent occupation of the country, around 2 million American soldiers were deployed. It...

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Robin Black Interview

28 Jun, 2014 by

Robin Black’s debut collection of short stories, If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This, was published in 2010 to critical acclaim,...

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Dan T Sehlberg Interview

19 May, 2014 by

The banking system, the stock markets, the entire global economy, it’s all built on trust. And a big part of that trust is that the...

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Howard Blum Interview

5 May, 2014 by

In 1914, as Germany prepared to launch what became the First World War, their spymaster, Walter Nicolai realised that he’d made a...

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Mark Mulholland Interview

21 Mar, 2014 by

Over there are two tribes, two peoples. One tribe are the children of neglect. They are locked in the attic and left to a...

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